Systemic Constellation

Systemic Constellation is a modality I’ve been using in my practice, in one way or another, for a long time. Its a spacial method which helps one to see, and in most cases shift, confusing or troublesome dynamics in all sorts of personal and professional situations.

I was certified in it via Jane Peterson of Human Systems Institute in Portland, Oregon.  Have trained with many others including Stephen Busby, Johannes Schmidt, Mark Wylan, Anngwyn St. Just, Emily Waymire and Anni Mukkala-Stein.

Sometimes clients in my Private Practice specifically request Constellation Work.  If so, a double session is necessary (90 minutes).  This method also makes a regular appearance in my Visual Satsangs.

I currently do not train others in this methodology. Although I do include my 4 Systemic Constellation Maps in Visual Coach Certification for those who are already up to speed in the method and/or wish to seek out training.

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