Visual Coach Certification: Regular Package, Spring 2022

From: $112.00 / month for 24 payments

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1 payment of $4,997 $2,498 CAD ($1,936 USD*)
4 monthly payments of $1,272 $636 CAD ($493 USD*)
10 monthly payments of $517 $258 CAD ($200 USD*)
18 monthly payments of $297 $149 CAD ($115 USD*)
24 monthly payments of $223.00 $112 CAD ($87 USD*)

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This level is for those that are employed (corporate, government, academic, not-for-profit, etc.) or the self-employed who intend to use Visual Coaching in their role or work.

Please ensure you already have the 2 required pre-requisites The Fundamentals of Working Visually (or equivalent experience) and SHIFT-IT. You may do Home Study Options concurrently with Certification if applying last minute.


Payment Terms:
* Fees are in Canadian Funds. USD fees quoted are approximate. The exact exchange fluctuates and depends on the day/time purchased and policies of the credit card used (see for daily rate). Plus applicable taxes for Canadian residents.
Payment plans are legal contracts to be fulfilled per the terms stated. The 1 pay is the most affordable option, as payment plans include additional fees. First payment immediate, then pulled every 30 days until complete. Admin Support: or 1-866-925-2351

Refund Policy:
Refund Policy: Due to immediate access to class materials, there are no refunds given after purchase. In the event that you are not able to attend live sessions, you may follow along at your own pace via the recordings and Ning forum or you may transfer your spot to a future offering of SHIFT-IT Online (written notice of your desire to transfer must be received prior to the 2nd session).

Intellectual Property:
The materials in this program are for your personal use only. If you are a coach or other helping professional who would like to use my materials with your clientele, please see The VISUAL COACHING CERTIFICATION for application details.

SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions.

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