Supporting Public Visual Satsangs & Free Individual Sessions

As a public service since early 2020, our Public Visual Satsang and Free Individual Sessions are Free, online and open to all. To help with mental and emotional processing during these intense times.

Like everything in the world these days, the costs of producing these sessions continue to rise. If you found your Visual Satsang or Individual Session helpful, and would like to contribute to these ongoing sessions, you can enter any amount below.

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My public service work is to offer Recorded Individual Sessions and Public Visual Satsangs.

To provide safe places for individuals, alone and in group, to process their thoughts and feelings. To contact their own unique inner intelligence. To determine what to DO (Mind), or how to BE (Heart), during these intense times.


Intellectual Property:
The materials in this program are for your personal use only. If you are a coach or other helping professional who would like to use my materials with your clientele, please see The VISUAL COACHING CERTIFICATION for application details.

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