eCommunity Support: Pay As You Like


It’s customary to pay a small fee for attending a live Satsang, or benefiting from the parallel processing of viewing the recordings. A typical fee is in the $10-15 CAD (US$7-11/€7-10*) range. Feel free to pay more or less, depending on your circumstances. We operate on the honor system. No obligation if you can’t afford to.



Paying as you like … leaving a small contribution each time you attend a live Satsang. You can also show your appreciation for the recordings, forum, visual tools and other supports that are provided. All are gratefully received and appreciated. No obligation if you can’t afford.

*Fees are in Canadian Funds. The USD and EUR fees quoted are approximate. The exact exchange fluctuates and depends on the day/time purchased and the policies of the credit card used (see for daily rate). Plus applicable taxes for Canadian residents.