Private Coaching In-Person Retreat: One-Day Format

From: $129.50 / month for 18 payments

1 payment of $2,997.00 $2,097.90 CAD ($1,703 USD*)
3 monthly payments of $1,025.00 $717.50 CAD ($583 USD*)
5 monthly payments of $625.00 $437.50 CAD ($355 USD*)
10 monthly payments of $325.00 $227.50 CAD ($185 USD*)
18 monthly payments of $185.00 $129.50 CAD ($105 USD*)

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Condensed format, great for one meaty topic or several smaller ones.


  • One Exploratory/Design Call.
  • Digital SHIFT-IT Kit (immediate access).
  • SHIFT-IT Manual, Map Pack and Markers (delivered at your Retreat).
  • Two 3-hour Visual Coaching Sessions (9-12 and 2-5).
  • Lunch.
  • Meeting space and materials.
  • Photography of charts produced (you are welcome to take any originals with you).
  • Two 45-minute follow-up Online Sessions.

NEXT STEPS: Upon receipt of order, my assistant contacts you to schedule our Exploratory Chat/Design call (if we have not already had). During this call, your unique needs are discussed as well as desired outcomes, dates and other logistics. A detailed Memo of Understanding including customized agenda are sent you and your date(s) are officially booked.



Payment Terms:
* Fees are in Canadian Funds. USD fees quoted are approximate. Exact exchange fluctuates and depends on day/time purchased and policies of credit card used (see for daily rate). Plus applicable taxes for Canadian residents.
Payment plans are legal contracts to be fulfilled per terms stated. The 1 pay is the most affordable option, as payment plans include additional fees. First payment immediate, then pulled every 30 days until complete. Admin Support: or 1-866-925-2351

Refund Policy:
Due to immediate access to materials, there are no refunds.  However if adequate notice given, dates may be transferred and/or funds may be allocated to the purchase of other SHIFT-IT Coach product or service.

Intellectual Property:
The materials in this program are for your personal use only. If you are a coach or other helping professional who would like use my materials with your clientele, please see The VISUAL COACHING CERTIFICATION for application details.

SHIFT-IT Coach, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions.

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