Fundamentals of Visual Coaching, In Person Retreat: Deep Dive Package, Summer 2024

From: $220.00 / month for 12 payments

1 payment of $2,497 CAD ($1,825 USD/€1,677*)
3 monthly payments of $849 CAD ($620 USD/€570*)
7 monthly payments of $371  CAD ($271 USD/€249*)
12 monthly payments of $220 CAD ($161 USD/€148*)

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Includes Everything in the Basic Package:

  • Three full training days (9am-5pm schedule) in West Coast nature!
  • Printed Handbook (for ongoing reference and inspiration)
  • Professional Markers (yours to take home)
  • Use of All Studio Materials (easels, mural paper, tape, cutters, pastels, stencils, etc.)
  • Lunch and Snacks (plus optional morning yoga and evening BBQs)
  • 3 Home Study Kits! (previously sold separately for $500+ each!)
    • Fundamentals of Working Visually Kit (additional info on Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation)
    • Shift Into Digital Work Kit (choosing and implementing tablets and other online technology)
    • Cartoon and Storyboarding (storytelling and doodling instruction)

Plus: Three 45-Minute Private Coaching Sessions with Christina: significantly reduced from regular coaching rates – great deal!


Payment Terms:
Fees are in Canadian Funds. The USD and EUR fees quoted are approximate. The exact exchange fluctuates and depends on the day/time purchased and the policies of the credit card used (see for daily rate). Plus applicable taxes for Canadian residents.
Payment plans are legal contracts to be fulfilled per the terms stated. The 1 pay is the most affordable option, as payment plans include additional fees. The first payment is immediate, then pulled every 30 days until complete. Admin Support: or 1-866-925-2351

Refund Policy: Due to immediate access to materials, there are no refunds.

Intellectual Property: The materials in this program are for your personal use only to be applied within your own practice. You may not use my Intellectual Property in your own trainings. If you are a coach or other helping professional who would like to use my SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching System with your own clientele, please see VISUAL COACHING CERTIFICATION for application details. This program is one of two pre-requisites.

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